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My fiance cooks and I'm proud of it. (2319 hits)

I'm so happy to discover this site. I'm sure my fiance Jed will really appreciate this. It will really motivate him to follow his dream.

I remember when I asked him what his ambition was when he was younger. At first, he didn't want to tell me because he used to be teased about it when he was younger. I kept asking, so in the end he accepted defeat: apparently, in 3rd grade, he wrote an essay saying he wants to be a chef when he gets old. His classmates (who were all aspiring to be a policeman, fireman, rocket scientist, pro football player, etc.) didn't think being a chef is something "manly". The teasings only stopped when he left for high school.

I hate how people always thing cooking is a very "unmanly" or rather, "girly" thing to do. Shouldn't we be more open-minded nowadays? I enjoy cooking but I have to admit, my fiance cooks waaay better than I do. I'm trying to inspire him to follow his dream because it's not yet too late. :)
Posted By: Vanessa Blake
Friday, May 27th 2011 at 4:54AM
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